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Psychological horror game BitBuddy was developed and released by acclaimed game developer Daniel Mullins for Ludum Dare 50 in April 2022. The project is relatively new, but has already managed to win the trust and attention of users in different countries around the world.

Gameplay Features

The game is free to play with a pixelated strange animal that you need to take care of or do all sorts of nice and not so nice things with. The user receives a green monster of unknown origin, which is a virtual pet.
The character is offered to be fed various foods from the food bar and use promo codes to dress him up in cute outfits. However, the user must not close the window, otherwise his personal pet, obedient and ready to endure everything, will die.
This composition has a component of psychological horror, which gives an additional effect of tension and surprise. In fact, this is a kind of reconstruction of the video games “caretaker” and “Virtual Pet”, such as Tamagotchi, but more cruel and filled with its own special emotions. From the point of view of the creature, they are completely at your mercy, and whether they live or die depends on your whims. If you get bored of them, there will be no one to feed them or take care of their needs, so their only option is to find ways to entertain you so you don’t leave them to an agonizing, slow death from starvation and general neglect.
In this context, your character’s increasingly desperate attempts to entertain the user with various mini-games and “modes” that do little more than change the background become quite heavy and depressing to watch.

Character death

When a person logs out of the game or closes the window, it can be found that they actually die, and their skeleton can be seen before closing. Even if left on all the time, it will eventually die of old age in 24 hours.
In vacation mode, the user can destroy his personal BitBuddy, allowing him to die in a beautiful and peaceful environment instead of the usual, dull main screen. In addition, the character is constantly in a state of tension, trying to prevent users from getting bored and interrupting the game so that he can continue to exist. The longer this goes on, the more desperate the green monster becomes, realizing that there are few opportunities left for him to please you and that every second that he can gain should be used as efficiently as possible, for the inevitable is coming.

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