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BitBuddy Secrets

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There are many ways for your BitBuddy to die and some of them are really brutal and ruthless. Closing the window or exiting the game is the easiest way to end your little friend’s life. Just pretend you are doing it and you will see him begging you not to.
Another way to kill a pet is to overload the game window with food. This will eventually crash and close the game and your little friend will die. But there are other, more sophisticated ways. For example, you can ignore his requests for help when he needs your care and support. You can even give it a Holiday Mode so you can refuse to kill it while it’s running.

Secret Features

The app has a hidden feature that can understand some basic voice commands. Try saying things like “jump” or “twist” and see what happens.
The game has several Easter eggs hidden from the eyes of ordinary players.
Pay attention to hidden items or areas that can be opened by performing certain actions.
If you spend enough time with your pet in the app, he may reveal some secrets about his past or his true nature.
Pay attention to his dialogues and try to uncover hidden truths. There is a hidden mini-game inside that can be unlocked by completing certain tasks. Try to find her and beat the record.
If you’re feeling adventurous, try exploring the code to discover even more hidden secrets and easter eggs.

Society recognition

Remember that BitBuddy is not just a game. It’s an interactive experience that can reveal hidden secrets and surprises if you’re willing to seek them out.
The character’s behavior may change depending on how you feel about him. If you are kind and considerate, he may become more attached and trusting. But if you are careless or violent, he can become evasive and distant.
It is also worth noting that BitBuddy is not just a character in the game – he can become a friend in your real life. Some players have reported that they have a strong emotional attachment to the character and have begun to treat him like a real pet.

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