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When you start the screen, a green pet will appear, which is eager to play and win your heart. You find yourself imprisoned in this exciting simulation, and get great opportunities to interact with the proposed creature – the very green monster. BitBuddy evokes and brings out the innermost feelings mysteriously hidden in the depths of your soul. The project is perfect for people who experience negative emotions in real life and want to find a way out for them.

Game features

Now you are responsible for the life of this little creature, which will always be a friend, ready for any surprises. Feelings of pity and grief do not leave when he tries to convince him to have some more fun with him. This can evoke different emotions in the user, and allows them to make appropriate decisions, from fairly good pastimes to certain types of cruelty.

Try all available skins to make your time together more colorful and interesting. A small pet will try to give you joy and involve you in what is happening. His unusual attempts to entertain you may seem strange, but this is only at first.
You can spend as much time with him as you want, but be careful: an exciting battle can cause him serious harm. If he takes damage, don’t forget to replenish his health. The level you bring your pet to will remain in his memories.

What attracts BitBuddy

BitBuddy is different from other characters that we are already used to looking at. He is very vulnerable, and very strange. And most importantly, it can play with your nervous system. This little story tells about the significance of life, how important it is to take time for your loved ones and how valuable memories are.

Also suitable for people who need to relieve tension and internal stress. Try all the buttons that appear on the screen to see what happens. Once you complete it, his life will be considered over and he will die. Under no pretext should the process be interrupted! Once you want to stop, your pet will no longer exist. Stick with your Bitbuddy and you’ll find out just how sincere and loyal pets can be. Even if this new beast is just a pixelated green monster.

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