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Mobile application and addictive game. BitBuddy Mobile is a unique simulation where you can do anything with the little green creature on the screen of your device. This unusual creature can become your friend and help relieve stress in any life situation.


You have to manage the life of BitBuddy, which depends on your actions. You will communicate with him, play with him and even help him fight his enemies. The app is all about emotional user experience and creating strong emotions that can last for a long time.
The project offers many interesting features and events that can be unlocked by mastering new levels and performing various actions. You can choose a pet skin, play, and level up by fighting monsters.
With the help of the mobile version, you can spend time in an exciting world, and at the same time being anywhere, even in line or in transport. This application can not only entertain, but also bring deep feelings and rich experiences to your life. Try BitBuddy Mobile and immerse yourself in a world of unusual adventures with your new friend.

Game Features

Such a unique experience that will make you look at your relationship with other beings and the value of life in general. This application will help you get out of your daily routine for a while and plunge into the wonderful world of a small green ball with which you can do anything.
Feel the deep meaning of the game and understand its main idea – how important it is to appreciate life and make time for those who are really important to us. You will enjoy spending time together with BitBuddy Mobile, and many different features and skins will help make your time together even more colorful.

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