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BitBuddy 2

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This is a new part of psychological horror for those who like to test their nervous system or just want to release stressful negative emotions. Here you will see how your outlook can change under the influence of an emotional little character named BitBuddy. He will demand a lot of attention from you.

bitbuddy character

He is like a small child, he wants to play and wants to be taken care of. He will invite you to plunge into the atmosphere of a dialogue in which he will tell you about his sores and sufferings. He knows, of course, that his end is near and wants his desires to be shared with him. However, it is not a fact that the user wants to satisfy the desires of pets!
A few attempts to cheer you up, and you will have a suspicious feeling: responsibility or sympathy, excitement or a desire to help a helpless little lump who is ready to share with you all the most valuable thing he has.
Several levels of fighting with the enemy will please the characters of the game. Take courage and open up to this creature. He can be hungry and ask for food, and then you can feed him if you want to prolong his life. Watermelons and pears will definitely please a small living toy. It’s just a little life simulator on your screen, but this time you can do whatever you want with it, and there are practically no boundaries.


The game is designed in such a way that you can do whatever you want – just don’t close the window that this BitBuddy lives in. Otherwise, he will die. He mentions it at every turn. He wants to bond with you as much as possible and therefore will talk about what he feels and experiences.
Use the intuitive prompts your new friend will give you to tease them even more subtly or help them deal with their problems.
And in no case should you click on the cross, so as not to kill this baby! Everything he has to offer you is already on the screen. It will still retain a few memories of what you did to it. And be sure to share them with you. Dress it up with the store’s in-house features and throw a real treat for this quirky kid’s toy.

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